Presentation (1994 - 2001)

"Evonymos Ecologic Library" was founded in October 1994. It has the legal form of "Non Profit Company". It's founder members are 170 and already 230. It is supervised by a 16-member Administrative Council. Scientific support is provided by 40-member Scientific Committee, constituting from academics, writers of ecological and other books, students, historians, Governmental executives, etc. Organizational and administrative support is exercised by a 25-member Library Council, while 40 other regular co-operators also offer their help. The Library is open in new members and co-operators. Evonymos is situated in Athens, in an old neo-classic building in the road Asomaton in the district of Thiseio. This building belongs to the Ministry of Culture and already the credits for his complete restoration have been approved, having as a basis the principles of ecological building, aim to become a model exhibition building.

The Library is open to the public and anyone interested, daily, 4-8 every afternoon.

Today Evonymos has 7 employees (3 library scientists, 1 archive scientist, 1 photographer, 1 bookbinder and 1 secretary) and a lot of volunteers.

The goals of the Library are non speculative and to interest of the public.



Evonymos' material

The material of Library was collected by the members and the cooperators and it includes (10.000) books, (10.000) magazines (that represent roughly 1.100 different titles), booklets, press clippings, conference material, assignments of teams on environmental education, publications of Ecological Movements, Associations, Municipalities, Enterprises, Governmental Services and Organisms, Legislative texts, Studies on Environmental Repercussions, Technical reports, special Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, academic and school publications, timetables, posters, slides, videotapes, Cd-Roms, maps, sketches, cards, etc.
The larger part of above materials, are in Greek. A number of foreign publications and a considerable sample exist however also (always no series,) from foreign ecological magazines (more than 1.000 copies, from 200 different forms, from 50 countries).

The material of the Library covers publications of the two last centuries (the oldest book up to now in Greek is from 1815 and foreign from 1787, while the oldest magazine is from 1840). The total of publications is classified in thematic units - headings, based on which it is also recorded in the computer.
Geographical determinations, i.e. the possible reference in specific regions of Greece or the earth in general, as well as historical determinations, i.e. if, potentially, the writer determines his subject in a specific historical period, as well as certain different special notations as, if existing, maps, tables, illustrations, sketches, woodcuts, special bibliography, indices, classification tables, etc.



Data Bases

For the registration of materials in the computer the program used, in the first phase, was Micro - ISIS of UNESCO, that has been granted to us by the National Library, for the registration of 8.500 registrations. Then, the National Center of Documentation granted to us the program ABEKT 4 and ABEKT 5.5, that operates in Windows environment and can support the Internet search. In total, the total of registrations in the date bases amounts in 10.000. In this registrations they will be added, also: 2.000 registrations by the de-heading of 150 first copies of magazine New Ecology, that were the subject of a thesis in the Faculty of Librarianship of TEI Athens. Also, 12.000 registrations will be entered by de-heading of newspaper clippings, in subjects of environment that were made in collaboration with the Panteio University. Thus, up to the end of 2001, it is estimated that the Data Base will have more than 24.000 registrations.

In Evonymos, one can also find:

  • Data Base with photographs, sketches, pictures, cards, maps, book covers and magazine covers, etc. The total of the material that has been scanned and is recorded in the Base, amounts in 2.500, from that 1.200 refers to Mount Olympus, the 700 in plants, birds, animals in general and the rest are cards, pictures of group games, etc.
  • Data Base in which decorative patterns of books and other forms of publication have been recorded. The Base began as the thesis of 2 students of the Faculty of Librarianship TEI Athens, that was materialized with material of Evonymos archives and the continuation of the Base is made by the Library. Up to now approx. decorative patterns have been recorded.

This material will be included in the Evonymos' Site, after suitable adaptations, so it can be probably exploited in the environment of Internet.



Evonymos accessible in the individuals with problems of sight

Evonymos employed, via special OAED program, from December 2000, an individual with problems of sight. The work that this person offers is Librarian (de-heading of magazine articles).

From the Autumn 2001 Evonymos sets a special working hours schedule for the individuals with problems of sight and it will offer the possibility of "reading" all books and magazines that can be found in it's archives. Also, from September 2001 the money (grant) for the acquisition of a special printer that will print any text, in the special system "Braille" has been ensured.



Some special editions that can be found in our archives

Through the registration of publications that refer in nature, the environment and the ecology - magazines, newspapers, booklets, books, academic books, etc - a different Greece emerges, more beautiful, intellectual, live and active. Greece as natural space rises with prominence, a Greece, that inspired spiritual persons, that nourished entire generations of Greeks, that attracted students and sightseers from all over the world. However, it also presents a Greece of persons that wrote and published an incredible number of publications, at least at the last two centuries, which are recorded in the thesis we have made. All the books and magazines that we have recorded in our studies, have been collected by the members of "Evonymos", and can be found in the bookshelves of our Library, at the disposal of anyone interested.
This material can be sought for in the bibliographic Data Base, the list of magazines and in the special bibliographies that can be found in the present Site.