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126. Open Space Foundation :
Anthropogenic Environment - Open spaces
 Open Space Foundation is a non-profit corporation that exists for the purpose of educating the public about the benefits of preserving open space for recreational use and environmental sustainability. Open Space Foundation seeks to foster the discovery of open space through Foundation sponsored journeys, and to publish writing projects by individuals who participate in the journeys and who are active in land preservation issues. OSF hopes to cultivate the art and science of using modern computer and communications technology to create "ongoing digital journeys."
127. ACEE's Green Book The Environmental guide to Cars and Trucks :
Transports - Vehicle - Automobile
 "Make a difference -- for your health and the health of the planet -- by using to comparison shop with the environment in mind. Our low-cost subscriptions will let you look up Green Scores for every car, van, pickup, and SUV on the market."
128. Industrial Decentralization and Urban Development In India with consideration of South-East and East Asian cases A workshop on a MOST / UNESCO Research Project :
Development - Sustainability - Decentralization
 This Pondy Paper has two main objectives: to present an international and interdisciplinary research project entitled 'Industrial Decentralization and Urban Development', and to report on its preliminary workshop which was held at the French Institute of Pondicherry early in September 1996. By informing of the project while in its beginning phase, we hope to stimulate interest and to provide a platform for constructive exchange among fellow academics, policy-makers and organizations active in the field.
129. Environmental Defenders's Office :
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Environmental law (Science - Knowledge - Rationalism)
 Welcome to the Environmental Defender's Office (WA) internet site. The EDO (WA) was opened in March 1996 and is part of a national network of non-profit public interest legal centres specialising in environmental law.
Transports - Public Transport
 The Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) was founded in 1977 and is a Legal Entity of Private Law. It is totally owned by the Greek State, applying the principles of Private Economy and performing for the public benefit under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
131. Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) :
Pollution - Wastes - Soil pollution
 The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) was created to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenge of soil protection and cleanup.
132. Zero Growth a New Ethos for the New Millennium :
Development - Sustainability - Zero Growth
 The Zero Growth website is dedicated to the promotion of the ethos of zero growth.
133. EVE ONLINE Ecofeminist Visions Emerging :
Political Ecology - Movements - Women - Ecofeminism
 This is EVE ONLINE Ecofeminist Visions Emerging Web site, which is devoted to ecofeminism
Quality of Life - Mountain climbing
 INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN CLIMBING SCHOOL offers the most comprehensive climbing programs in the Eastern United States dedicated exclusively to technical mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, international treks and expeditions.
Quality of Life - Wine production
 The INTERNATIONAL WINE ACADEMY Inc . was originally conceived as the Wine Information Bureau, Perth, Western Australia, 1974. The name was changed to Wine Australia and eventually to I.W.A. in the late seventies
136. Environmental law Institute :
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Environmental law (Science - Knowledge - Rationalism)
 For more than three decades, the Environmental Law Institute has played a pivotal role in shaping the fields of environmental law, policy, and management, domestically and abroad. Today, ELI is an internationally recognized, independent research and education center

Records 126 to 136 from 136