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1. Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development MIO-ECSDE :
Political Ecology - Movements - Ecological organizations
 The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development, is a Federation of Mediterranean Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for Environment and Development. MIO-ECSDE acts as a technical and political platform for the intervention of NGOs in the Mediterranean scene. In co-operation with Governments, International Organisations and other socio-economic partners, MIO-ECSDE plays an active role for the protection of the environment and the promotion of the sustainable development of the Mediterranean Region and its countries.
2. World Meteorological Organization :
Biosphere - Climate
 From weather prediction to air pollution research, climate change related activities, ozone layer depletion studies and tropical storm forecasting, the World Meteorological Organization coordinates global scientific activity to allow increasingly prompt and accurate weather information and other services for public, private and commercial use, including international airline and shipping industries. WMO's activities contribute to the safety of life and property, the socio-economic development of nations and the protection of the environment. Within the United Nations, the Geneva-based 185-Member Organization provides the authoritative scientific voice on the state and behaviour of the Earth's atmosphere and climate
3. Organic Farming Research Foundation :
Development - Sustainability - Biological cultivation (organic farming)
 To sponsor research related to organic farming practices, to disseminate research results to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production systems, to educate the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues.
4. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) :
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Environmental law (Science - Knowledge - Rationalism)
 The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) is a public interest, not-for-profit environmental law firm founded in 1989 to strengthen international and comparative environmental law and policy around the world. CIEL provides a full range of environmental legal services in both international and comparative national law, including: policy research and publication, advice and advocacy, education and training, and institution building.
5. World Resources Institute - Education Center :
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental information
 World Resources Institute provides information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems. Our mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment for current and future generations. Our program meets global challenges by using knowledge to catalyze public and private action.
6. National Environmental Education Advancement Project :
Environmental Education - Programs - Activities
 The National Environmental Education Advancement Project (NEEAP), located at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, is a national organization which aids state and local environmental education leaders in promoting their environmental education efforts, and develops informational items on building state capacity for environmental education.
7. Environmental Education Exchange Organization :
Environmental Education - Programs - Activities
 The Environmental Education Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to enhance and expand the environmental literacy of inhabitants and visitors in the unique desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.
8. Center for Environmental Education(of the Antioch New England Institute) :
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental education
 The Center for Environmental Education A Non-Profit Environmental Education Resource Center
9. Foundation for Environmetnal Education in Europe :
Environmental Education - Programs - Activities
 The Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEEE) was established in 1981 both to raise awareness of environmental issues and effect change through education. These are both crucial in striving towards sustainability.
10. GREENCOM The Environmental Education & Communcation Project of USAID :
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental education
 GreenCOM is the Environmental and Education Project of USAID Began in 1993 Managed by the Academy for Educational Development of Washington D.C. Uses environmental education, communications, and social marketing to foster environmentally sustainable development Has conducted projects in 28 developing countries
11. Environmental Defenders's Office :
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Environmental law (Science - Knowledge - Rationalism)
 Welcome to the Environmental Defender's Office (WA) internet site. The EDO (WA) was opened in March 1996 and is part of a national network of non-profit public interest legal centres specialising in environmental law.
12. Center for Great Lakes Environmetnal Education :
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental information
 Our Mission... The Center leads awareness of and access to information about Great Lakes environmental subjects by promoting learning links for teachers, students and other stakeholders in the international Great Lakes-St. Lawrence basin ecosystem.

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