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126. Trails and Open Space Coalition of the Pikes Peak Region :
Anthropogenic Environment - Open spaces
 The Trails and Open Space Coalition is a non-profit organization working to preserve open space and create a network of trails in the Pikes Peak region. We work cooperatively with local and regional governments, community organizations, businesses, families and individuals who share the vision of an interconnected network of trails, greenways and open space. We do this through advocacy, education, fundraising and volunteer programs.
127. Industrial Decentralization and Urban Development In India with consideration of South-East and East Asian cases A workshop on a MOST / UNESCO Research Project :
Development - Sustainability - Decentralization
 This Pondy Paper has two main objectives: to present an international and interdisciplinary research project entitled 'Industrial Decentralization and Urban Development', and to report on its preliminary workshop which was held at the French Institute of Pondicherry early in September 1996. By informing of the project while in its beginning phase, we hope to stimulate interest and to provide a platform for constructive exchange among fellow academics, policy-makers and organizations active in the field.
128. CLEMANCE Clean Environmental Management Center :
Technology - Clean Technologies
 CLEMANCE Clean Environmental Management Center is an environmental technology transfer organisation based at the University of Teesside. The Centre has been established to provide Clean Technology solutions to industry, in particular to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Clean Technology reduces pollution at source, often leading to significant economic and business benefits to the company concerned.

Records 126 to 128 from 128