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1. Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens Program of the Ministry of the environment, regional planning and public works and the Ministry of culture :
  One of the most ambitious and important projects ever to be realized for the capital of Greece. The "Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens S.A." aims at the rehabilitation of the historic, cultural and architectural identity of the city.
2. Greek Society for Archaeometry :
  The Greek Society for Archaeometry is a non profit Association founded on 1982. Its purpose is to promote the application of Science and Technology to the fields of Archaeology , History of Art and generally in all issues involving the cultural heritage. GSA members form the overwhelming majority of scholars engaged in such activities, in Universities, Archaeological Service and Research Centres as well as in the private sector. Since its founding in 1982, GSA activities include the organisation of three Conferences on Archaeometry in Greece (Athens 1990, Thessaloniki 1993, Athens 1996) as well as numerous seminars, public lectures and a detailed survey on Greek Archaeometry activities.
Records 1 to 2 from 2