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Subcategory : Bioclimatic architecture (passive Solar architecture)
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1. : is a fresh internet site, which aims at becoming an up-to-date and complete database of information concerning bioclimatic energy planning, renewable energy sources, energy preservation, as well as the study, construction, purchase and equipment of buildings that can meet up to the modern needs for housing or the business demands.
2. Bioclimatic architecture :
  This site tries to spread the bioclimatic building concept because we think it is an appropriate ecological alternative to face some global problems. We have got signs enough to realize of a complicated situation: exponential growth of population, quick forests recession, pollution increase with all its consequences (atomic energy radiation, CO2 and planet heating up, CFC's striking the ozone layer, etc.), environment degradation, species disappearance, etc.
Records 1 to 2 from 2