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1. Crops and Livestock :
  This website Crops and Livestock includes Crops and Livestock programmes and services presented by the British Columbia ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.
2. FAO - Biodiversity :
  This website contains a range of reference materials, including a bibliography of FAO's documentation on Biological Diversity for Food and Agriculture and an inventory of ongoing activities and instruments in agricultural biodiversity at the international level, as well as links to international organizations, networks and databases and FAO links and contacts.
3. FAO - Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture :
  This website contains a range of features that may be of value to anyone interested in the role and impact of biotechnology in food and agriculture.
4. Animal Production and Health Division of FAO :
  The Animal Production and Health Division is entrusted with clarifying and facilitating the role of global livestock production in food security and food safety, as well as in poverty alleviation while protecting the environment.
5. Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture :
  The electronic page of ministry for Agriculture presents the structure of the ministry, the institutions which are under the ministry's supervision and provides even more information about the ministry's services for the users of the page.
Records 1 to 5 from 5