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1. The Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies :
  The Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, under the direction of Gary Davis, focuses on pollution prevention through design and manufacturing processes with the environment in mind.
2. Clean Technologies in U.S. Industries :
  These reports give a brief overview of the state of U.S. industries textiles, pulp and paper, metal fabrication, food processing with an emphasis on their efforts to incorporate pollution prevention and clean technologies into their manufacturing operations
3. CLEMANCE Clean Environmental Management Center :
  CLEMANCE Clean Environmental Management Center is an environmental technology transfer organisation based at the University of Teesside. The Centre has been established to provide Clean Technology solutions to industry, in particular to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Clean Technology reduces pollution at source, often leading to significant economic and business benefits to the company concerned.
Records 1 to 3 from 3