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1. Mineral Resources Program :
  The Mineral Resources Program of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides and communicates current, impartial information on the occurrence, quality, quantity, and availability of mineral resources.
2. Nearctica 's segment on Geology and Geophysics :
  This segment of Nearctica covers geology and the broader field of geophysics. Therefore such diverse subjects as weather, global climate, and plate tectonics are treated here as well as the more typically geological subjects such as volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks and minerals, and so forth. Be sure to check out the Paleontology segment of Nearctica as well to learn about ancient life on earth and the fossil record.
  The establishment of the GRECEL project (Geological heritage: Research in environmental Education and Cooperation in European Level) developed from a desire to improve the understanding and conservation of Europe’s rich geological heritage, through education.
4. Pro Geo – European Association for the Conservation of the Geological and Geomorphological Heritage :
  Pro Geo – European Association for the Conservation of the Geological and Geomorphological Heritage is working to promote the protection of Europe's typical and important landscapes, as well as its many-faceted inheritance of geological phenomena, all of the greatest scientific and cultural importance as Europe was the birthplace of the science of geology.
5. American Association of Petroleum Geologists :
  Founded in 1917 the American Association of Petroleum Geologists is currently the world's largest professional geological society.
6. Institute of Geodynamicks :
  G.I.' s aim is the study and the promotion of research in the fields of seismology, of the physic of the earth's interior, of geophysics, of plate tectonics, of volcanology, of geothermy and of seismotectonics. G.I. deals with the following topics Seismology Physic of the Earth's Interior Applied Geophysics The main tasks of G.I. are collection and processing of various seismological - geophysical parameters, the performance of research projects, the elaboration of relevant studies, the training and services provided to third bodies.
  «Mining resources on the Web» constitutes a broad-spectrum database for mining links.
8. British Geological Survey :
  The British Geological Survey’s mission is to enhance the UK science base by providing knowledge, information, education and training in the geosciences, and promote the public understanding of the relevance of geosciences to resource and environment issues.
9. "Κέντρο Υπαίθριας Έρευνας Γεωεπιστημών και Περιβάλλοντος Πίνδου" :
  This is The Pindos International Center For GeoSciences and Environmental Field Research website. The Center is owned by the County of Grevena and Township of Ziakas and it is hosting the Jean Brunn Geological Observatory.
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