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1. : website is presenting the great work of the Bridge Rio-Antirio which shall cross the Corinthian Gulf strait near Patras, Greece.
  ARCADIS is an international knowledge-based services organisation in the fields of infrastructure, environment, buildings and communications. Wherever the Company operates it aims to improve the physical quality of the living and working environment. From strong local market positions the Company works on integrated projects for public and private sector clients. Founded in 1888, ARCADIS currently has some 8,000 employees. The Company belongs to the top ten in its business worldwide.
3. Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens Program of the Ministry of the environment, regional planning and public works and the Ministry of culture :
  One of the most ambitious and important projects ever to be realized for the capital of Greece. The "Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens S.A." aims at the rehabilitation of the historic, cultural and architectural identity of the city.
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