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  'HEALTHY CLEAN BUILDINGS’ is dedicated to the replacing of existing, conventional "TOXIC" and "HAZARDOUS" cleaning chemicals in offices, schools, homes, and public buildings; and to advise parents accordingly about our widely recognized and accredited 'KID-PROOF' "HEALTHY & SAFE" Daily Cleaning Program. This revolutionary cleaning system serves as an effective 'environmentally preferable' alternative to existing "DANGEROUS" cleaning chemicals. Additionally, this program addresses controversial indoor environmental issues such as "Sick Building Syndrome"; "I.A.Q." (Indoor Air Quality); "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities" (MCS); allergic triggers; Respiratory Ailments, such as Asthma; Dust Mite issues; Mold & Mildew conditions; and other similar indoor environmental concerns.
2. Toxic Wastes :
  This is a Toxic Wastes web site concerning toxic wastes but also toxic substances and alternative household toxic products.
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