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1. Centre for Construction and Environment :
  The website of the Centre for Construction and Environment, which fosters the implementation of sustainability principles into the creation of the built environment internationally, is composed of the following references and links and offers sources of information recommended to learn more on ecological building proponents.
2. B U G S - Benefits of Urban Green Space :
  The main objective of BUGS is to develop an assessment methodology for evaluating the use of green space and urban morphology as design tools in urban planning strategies.
3. Development of Urban Green Spaces to improve the Quality of life in Cities and Urban Regions :
  The aim of the URGE project is to improve the provision of cities with green spaces, both qualitatively and quantitatively, thus enhancing the quality of life of the urban population and contributing to the sustainable development of European cities. One major objective is to increase the available knowledge of the complex interactions between nature, economy and social systems in urban environments, considering this as a premise to the development of modern strategies for the design and management of urban landscapes.
4. Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens Program of the Ministry of the environment, regional planning and public works and the Ministry of culture :
  One of the most ambitious and important projects ever to be realized for the capital of Greece. The "Unification of Archaeological sites of Athens S.A." aims at the rehabilitation of the historic, cultural and architectural identity of the city.
5. Open Space Foundation :
  Open Space Foundation is a non-profit corporation that exists for the purpose of educating the public about the benefits of preserving open space for recreational use and environmental sustainability. Open Space Foundation seeks to foster the discovery of open space through Foundation sponsored journeys, and to publish writing projects by individuals who participate in the journeys and who are active in land preservation issues. OSF hopes to cultivate the art and science of using modern computer and communications technology to create "ongoing digital journeys."
6. Trails and Open Space Coalition of the Pikes Peak Region :
  The Trails and Open Space Coalition is a non-profit organization working to preserve open space and create a network of trails in the Pikes Peak region. We work cooperatively with local and regional governments, community organizations, businesses, families and individuals who share the vision of an interconnected network of trails, greenways and open space. We do this through advocacy, education, fundraising and volunteer programs.
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