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1. European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET) Page on Air and Climate Change :
  EIONET is a collaborative network of the European Environment Agency and its Member Countries, connecting National Focal Points in the EU and accession countries, European Topic Centres, National Reference Centres, and Main Component Elements. These organisations jointly provide the information that is used for making decisions for improving the state of environment in Europe and making EU policies more effective. EIONET is both a network of organisations and an electronic network (e-EIONET). This page provides information on the topics of air quality, air emissions, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.
2. European Environmental Agency - Ozone depletion :
  The destruction of the ozone layer, which protects all living things from harmful ultraviolet solar radiation, was one of the first, global environmental problems to be understood by the general population and tackled by the international community.
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