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1. Tax World :
  Tax World is provided as a public service to Internet users and its primary mission is providing links to tax information from state, federal, and international taxing authorities on the Internet. In addition to the practical tax information (tax forms, regulations, IRS code, etc.) Tax World provides users information regarding tax policy, history, and links to tax databases around the world. Tax World is funded by its creator and director, thus, the content of and links provided in Tax World are at the sole discretion of its creator and director.
2. Taxes Arround the World :
  This site is designed specifically to provide, in one place, as many links as possible to sources of information about tax systems around the world. Many of these web sites are newly-created, and hard to find. Every conceivable search engine had to be used to gather them, since no one method of searching was found to yield more than a few. Monitoring these URL's, as well as continually searching for new, similar resources as they come on line, is an ongoing effort.
Records 1 to 2 from 2