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1. Demokritos NCSR:
International Conventions - Law - Legislation - Research Institutes (International Contracts)
 Scientific and technological work carried out at NCSR "Demokritos" covers the full spectrum from basic to goal-oriented research as well as development and application of processes and products. The balance between the two extremes of this spectrum varies between Institutes.The following Institutes and Laboratories of Demokritos NCSR are operating: The Institute of Biology with the Hydrobiology laboratory, the Institute of Nuclear Technology-Radiation protection with the laboratories of Solar and other Energy Systems, Environmental Researches and Environment Radioactivity.
Transports - Public Transport
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3. Green Horn A Programme for Ecological Construction in Poland:
Anthropogenic Environment - Ecological construction
 The purpose of the project is to create, through knowledge transfer, technical and organisational conditions for ecological construction, where the buildings' design, production and management are based on a distinct ecological basic view.
Development - Sustainability - Agriculture
 The National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.) is the national body responsible for agricultural research and technology in Greece, functioning as a Legal Private Entity sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture. It was established in 1989 under the Decree 1845/1989 entitled ?Development and Exploitation of Agricultural Research and Technology

Records 1 to 4 from 4