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26. Office of Wastewater Manegement :
Pollution - Wastes - Water pollution
 The United States Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Wastewater Management (OWM) oversees a range of programs contributing to the well-being of the nation's waters and watersheds. Through its programs and initiatives OWM promotes compliances with the requierements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, commonly referred to as the Clean Water Act.
27. Organic Agriculture at FAO :
Development - Sustainability - Organic cultivation
 The aim of this Website is to offer information on organic agriculture available at FAO. It also functions as a "road map" whereby users are directed to other relevant websites.
28. The International Institute for Sustainable Development :
Development - Sustainability - Green taxes (environmental taxes)
 This site contains a wide variety of information of use to those interested in the topics of ecological tax reform, taxation and subsidy reform, government environmental policies, eco-efficiency, or sustainable development and government policy. Through the annotated bibliography and case studies, it provides tools for people seeking change.
29. United Nations Secreteriat of the Convention to Combat Desertification :
Biosphere - Decertification (Biosphere)
 This is the second generation of the UNCCD website launched in June 2000. It was designed to facilitate the access to the official documents maintained or received by the secretariat (COP-documents, Reports and Action Programmes) for the participants of the COP-process as well as to establish a general source of information on the topic of desertification for the interested public. This page provides technical instructions about the usage of the CCD website and details how to achieve an optimal browsing experience.
30. CADDET Renewable Energy IEA / OECD :
Energy - Renewable energy sources
 CADDET Renewable Energy is an International Energy Agency agreement for the exchange of information on commercial renewable energy projects and has been operating since 1993. CADDET stands for Centre for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies.
31. World Nuclear Association :
Energy - Nuclear energy
 The World Nuclear Association is the global non-governmental trade organisation concerned with nuclear power generation and all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, including mining, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, plant manufacture, transport and the safe disposition of spent fuel.The WNA serves its Members by facilitating their interaction on matters of commerce, technology and policy, and by promoting wider public understanding of nuclear technology.
32. Division 34 Population and Environmental Psychology (American Psychological Association) :
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Environmental psychology
 Members of Division 34 conduct research, perform service, teach, and consult on population and environment issues.
33. IDEAL The International Digital Electronic Access Library :
Quality of Life - Health
 Welcome to IDEAL, the online library destination for over 10 million authorized users in academic, industrial and medical research. With an intuitive interface and ground-breaking functionality, the IDEAL platform leads you to a collection of journals, reference works and database products in the scientific, technological and medical fields.
34. Slow food :
Quality of Life - Slow food
 Slow Food is a international non-profit movement, democratic, cultural and of social utility, based on the voluntary membership of people who intend to cultivate common cultural and gastronomic interests. Membership of the movement is open to everyone and is personal.
35. Environmental Education Exchange Organization :
Environmental Education - Programs - Activities
 The Environmental Education Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to enhance and expand the environmental literacy of inhabitants and visitors in the unique desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.
36. Earth Day Network :
Development - Sustainability - Sustainable Development
 Earth Day Network is the nonprofit coordinating body of worldwide Earth Day activities. Our goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness through educational materials and publications, and by organizing events, activities, and annual campaigns. Our network includes more than 5,000 organizations in 184 countries.
37. European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET) :
International Conventions - Law - Legislation - Environmental Institutions (International Contracts)
 EIONET is a collaborative network of the European Environment Agency and its Member Countries, connecting National Focal Points in the EU and accession countries, European Topic Centres, National Reference Centres, and Main Component Elements. These organisations jointly provide the information that is used for making decisions for improving the state of environment in Europe and making EU policies more effective. EIONET is both a network of organisations and an electronic network (e-EIONET).
38. Municipality of Amaroussion :
Transports - Urban transport
 The municipality of Amarousiou as far as the environment is concerned has provided the citizens with the possibility of using the municipal Transportation without fee. In addition the municipality aims at producing conditions for the unobstructed movement and transportation in the city, and also regulating the use of roads in such a way so that vehicles, public means of transportation and pedestrians are able to move in harmony. Also the municipality promotes protection of the environment and of the natural resources, it intervenes in a dynamic way in subjects of urban planning and waste management. Finally the municipality of Amarousiou is the place where the Olympic games are going to be conducted, therefore the city is going to be improved.
39. European Conference of Ministers of Transport :
Transports - Transports
 The European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) is an intergovernmental organisation established by a Protocol signed in Brussels on 17 October 1953. It is a forum in which Ministers responsible for transport, and more specifically the inland transport sector, can co-operate on policy. Within this forum, Ministers can openly discuss current problems and agree upon joint approaches aimed at improving the utilisation and at ensuring the rational development of European transport systems of international importance.
40. World Tourism Organization / Sustainable Development of Tourism :
Development - Sustainability - Sustainable Development
 WTO Sustainable Development of Tourism works closely with members and other international organizations to ensure that new tourism development is properly planned and managed to protect the natural and cultural environments.
41. Convention on Biological Diversity :
International Conventions - Law - Legislation - International Conventions (International Contracts)
 Although still in its infancy, the Convention on Biological Diversity is already making itself felt. The philosophy of sustainable development, the ecosystem approach, and the emphasis on building partnerships are all helping to shape global action on biodiversity. The data and reports that governments are gathering and sharing with each other are providing a sound basis for understanding the challenges and collaborating on the solutions.
42. Center for Global Environmental Education (Hamline University) web-page on "Rivers of life" :
Natural Environment - Rivers
 Rivers of Life provides students, teachers, and citizens with exciting opportunities to celebrate the many ways rivers enrich our world, to investigate river mysteries, and to take action on behalf of rivers that need our help.
43. European Environmental Law Homepage :
Natural Environment - Biodiversity
 Welcome to the European Environmental Law Homepage. Here you can find full text cases,legislation and other materials related to European Environmental Law. Apart from these primary sources, several dossiers and articles offer a more in depth view on specific issues.
44. Cornell Work & Environment Initiative :
Development - Sustainability - Industrial areas
 The Cornell Work and Environment Initiative (WEI) was established in 1992 to address environmental issues connected to the worksite, affecting employers, workers and their communities. The program involves management, trade unions, government as well as environmental and community organizations to achieve creative solutions.
45. The European Environmental Law Homepage :
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Environmental law (Science - Knowledge - Rationalism)
 Welcome to the European Environmental Law Homepage. Here you can find full text cases, legislation and other materials related to European Environmental Law. Apart from these primary sources, several dossiers and articles offer a more in depth view on specific issues.
46. Taxes Arround the World :
Development - Sustainability - Taxes
 This site is designed specifically to provide, in one place, as many links as possible to sources of information about tax systems around the world. Many of these web sites are newly-created, and hard to find. Every conceivable search engine had to be used to gather them, since no one method of searching was found to yield more than a few. Monitoring these URL's, as well as continually searching for new, similar resources as they come on line, is an ongoing effort.
47. The World Information Service on Energy & Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS/WISE) :
Energy - Nuclear energy
 The World Information Service on Energy & Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS/WISE) is the information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues.
48. Hellenic Wildlife Hospital EKPAZ :
Natural Environment - Birds
 The EKPAZ Hellenic Wildlife Hospital is a civic non-profit association. It is the first institution, which was granted the permission to possession, transportation and nursing of wild animals. It has being working on wild animal rehabilitation programs since 1984 and has introduced a new idea of a nursing and wild fauna protection system/network. Collaborators, volunteers, branches from the whole country have joined together in this effort. Till today it has nursed almost 20.000 wild animals, the majority of which is a protected species. Most of the species were released back to their natural environment. Ekpaz has nursed more than 3000 wild animals in the country during the last two years.
49. European Greens :
Political Ecology - Movements - Ecological (green) parties
 This is the website of the European Greens. From this site you can learn about the European Federation of Green Parties and our 32 member parties.
50. Journal of Political Ecology: Case Studies in History and Society :
Political Ecology - Movements - Ecological (green) parties
 Journal of Political Ecology is a peer reviewed journal which begun in 1994 and welcomes submission in English, French and Spanish from a broad range of disciplines and hopes to encourage research into the linkages between political economy and human environmental impacts. It is provided free and supported by the Political Ecology Society (PESO).

Records 26 to 50 from 89