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1. Sewerage Authority of Thessaloniki S.A.
Natural Environment - Management institutions
 The Sewerage Authority of Thessaloniki is responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater and storm water throughout the whole area of Greater Thessaloniki. In June 1997, it was converted to a limited company and preparations are now being made for its merger with the Water Authority of Thessaloniki
Development - Sustainability - Agriculture
 The National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.) is the national body responsible for agricultural research and technology in Greece, functioning as a Legal Private Entity sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture. It was established in 1989 under the Decree 1845/1989 entitled ?Development and Exploitation of Agricultural Research and Technology
3. Demokritos NCSR
International Conventions - Law - Legislation - Research Institutes (International Contracts)
 Scientific and technological work carried out at NCSR "Demokritos" covers the full spectrum from basic to goal-oriented research as well as development and application of processes and products. The balance between the two extremes of this spectrum varies between Institutes.The following Institutes and Laboratories of Demokritos NCSR are operating: The Institute of Biology with the Hydrobiology laboratory, the Institute of Nuclear Technology-Radiation protection with the laboratories of Solar and other Energy Systems, Environmental Researches and Environment Radioactivity.
Transports - Public Transport
 " is my idea of the website I would love to find and browse when hunting for transportation, recycling, and urban development policy advice and ideas...."
5. Green Horn A Programme for Ecological Construction in Poland
Anthropogenic Environment - Ecological construction
 The purpose of the project is to create, through knowledge transfer, technical and organisational conditions for ecological construction, where the buildings' design, production and management are based on a distinct ecological basic view.
6. Polyproject Primalp - Sustainable Primary Production in the Alpine Region
Development - Sustainability - Primary production
 A broad interdisciplinary co-operation is required to develop improved technical, organizational and political concepts and solutions for sustainable future primary production. These principles are pursued within the scope of the Polyproject 'PRIMALP Sustainable Primary Production in the Alpine Region'.
7. Chris Madden Cartoons
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Cartoons
 This is the Cartoons website of Chris Madden on the following subjects: outerspace, environment, gardening, science, art, the meaning of life, and more.
8. Put the Green back in the Greenhouse
Development - Sustainability - Greenhouses
 This website Put the Green back in the Greenhouse is about the economical, ecological alternative for 4-season gardening.
9. ACEE's Green Book The Environmental guide to Cars and Trucks
Transports - Vehicle - Automobile
 "Make a difference -- for your health and the health of the planet -- by using to comparison shop with the environment in mind. Our low-cost subscriptions will let you look up Green Scores for every car, van, pickup, and SUV on the market."
10. Dutch Waste Processing Association (VVAV)
Pollution - Wastes - Waste incineration
 The Dutch Waste Processing Association (VVAV) represents the interests of composting firms, operators of incineration and landfill facilities and processors of waste in the developing European waste market. The association endeavours to optimalise the conditions under which these companies work to process waste in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner.
11. Center for Environmental Education in Lithakia Zakinthos
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental education
 The aim of the center is to support the environmental education in the regions of the Ionian Sea and Western Greece generally. It provides educational programs for students and teachers of both primary and secondary education. The production of educational and informative material. Co-operation with governmental and non-governmental bodies. Co-operation with scientific and local bodies. Development of local actions and co-operations. Development of international co-operations with abroad. Organization of educational programs for the promotions of Environmental Education.
12. Regulatory Authority for Energy
Energy - Renewable energy sources
 Welcome to the electronic site of the Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE) the independent administrative authority under the supervision of the Ministry of Development. RAE is responsible for the supervision and regulation of the function of the Energy section in Greece.
13. Michigan Environmental Education
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental education
 Welcome to the Michigan EE Web Site! We are currently under development and adding to our site every day. Your patience is appreciated. We hope to make this site a valuable clearinghouse of Michigan-related environmental education information.
14. National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change NRP
Biosphere - Climate Change
 The NRP interlinks research into the climate system, the consequences of climate change, and research into societal causes and solutions. The programme is a strategic one; it is investigating the likelihood of anthropogenic climate change, the consequences this can have for natural and societal systems, and feasible options for medium and long term climate policy.
15. Council of European Municipalities and Regions
Development - Sustainability - Regional development
 Established in 1951, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions originated from the conviction that local and regional authorities have a fundamental role to play in the realization of the European Union. They provide popular support for Europe through the efforts of local politicians who are the elected representatives closest to the citizens. Today, CEMR brings together more than 100 000 local and regional authorities in Europe, federated through 42 large national associations of local and regional authorities in 29 countries
16. James Rennell Division Meteorology Team
Science - Knowledge - Rationalism - Meteorology
 The Research of the Meteorology Team concerns the surface fluxes of heat, water and momentum over the global ocean.
17. Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS)
Pollution - Wastes - Soil pollution
 The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) was created to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenge of soil protection and cleanup.
18. National Strategy on Environmental Education and Sustainability
Environmental Education - Centers for environmental information
 This website National Strategy on Environmental Education and Sustainability will give you an opportunity to read what has been said about this topic over the last several years, and to respond to a questionnaire which will help us in the next steps. We are now analyzing each and every questionnaire
19. Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Development - Sustainability - Primary production
 Landcare Research is an independent Crown Research Institute that focuses on management of land resources for conservation and for primary production
20. Toxic Wastes
Pollution - Wastes - Toxic wastes
 This is a Toxic Wastes web site concerning toxic wastes but also toxic substances and alternative household toxic products.
21. Greenhouse Gardener's Companion
Development - Sustainability - Greenhouses
 A web site based on the most comprehensive book ever written on HOME GREENHOUSE GARDENING
22. EVE ONLINE Ecofeminist Visions Emerging
Political Ecology - Movements - Women - Ecofeminism
 This is EVE ONLINE Ecofeminist Visions Emerging Web site, which is devoted to ecofeminism
23. Mountain Association for Community Economic Development
Development - Sustainability - Mountainous regions economy
 Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) provides opportunities and resources to help citizens build healthy, sustainable, equitable, democratic and prosperous communities in Kentucky and Central Appalachia.
24. RUMBA - Tube Underground Magnetic Levitation Railway
Transports - Transports
 RUMBA Tube Underground Magnetic Levitation Railway is a technological proposal which claims to keep up with the three most important technological demands : a) compatible with the natural and man-made environment b) be as straight-lined as possible c) without transferring between modes of transport.
25. World tram dot com
Transports - Tram
 This site shows you City-Transit rail around the world. Off course it is included the system, maps, pictures, official site address and so on.

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