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1. Understanding Wine and Beer :
  This is The “Understanding Wine and Beer” page located in Cornell University’s webpage on Food Science and Technology section. It provides a lot of interesting information on wine production and understanding.
2. The Columbia Environmental Research Center :
  The Columbia Environmental Research Center provides leadership and scientific information for the U.S. Geological Survey by addressing national and international environmental contaminant issues, and assessing effects of habitat alterations on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. This includes large-river floodplains, coastal habitats, wetlands, and lakes.
3. Demokritos NCSR :
  Scientific and technological work carried out at NCSR "Demokritos" covers the full spectrum from basic to goal-oriented research as well as development and application of processes and products. The balance between the two extremes of this spectrum varies between Institutes.The following Institutes and Laboratories of Demokritos NCSR are operating: The Institute of Biology with the Hydrobiology laboratory, the Institute of Nuclear Technology-Radiation protection with the laboratories of Solar and other Energy Systems, Environmental Researches and Environment Radioactivity.
Records 1 to 3 from 3