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How does it work

Objective of program is the continuous briefing and collaboration of Non Governmental Organizations on subjects of Environment and private Environmental Education in the countries: Greece, Turkey and Romania, but also for interested parties from each country as the registrations are, in a large percentage, in English.

  • The basic form of collaboration that will be developed in a steady basis between participants will be mainly via Internet.
  • The relative issues will include both subjects on the environment in national basis, as well as in international-interstate, with special emphasis in issues of Environmental Education.
  • The discovery of issues is made through Search Engines, collecting all relative information from the Internet. The collected information and any product of collaboration will be distributed by each partner to a specific table of recipients.
  • Except from the issues of international interest, each one from the basic partners will also collect and distribute information of local interest, as: basic national ecological bibliography, with a pleasant manner of search, presentation of all running copies of ecological forms of his/her own country (1st page and content of each copy), presentation of new ecological publications (cover, content and short presentation), etc.

The Evonymos Ecological Library will make the classification of active pages in special Data Bases per:
- Thematic category (13 basic categories have been created and roughly 300 subclasses, that cover the total of ecological - environmental issues).
- Categorization of Site per source of origin (AEI, Research Centers, Libraries, Editorial Houses, Ecological Organizations, International Organisms, Governments, type, etc).
- Categorization of material based on the type of information (article, picture, software, magnetic means, doctoral thesis, video, bulletin of ecological organization, legislative text, official text E.E., etc)
Language in which the Site is written.
- Availability of material (if the available material is only for members, if it circulates in the trade, if a special order needs to be placed, subscription, if free access exists, if it is a Demo, etc).
- Quality of Site that will be recorded in the Data Base (Marking from 1 to 5, based on the following criteria: Navigation ease in the Site, plenitude concerning what is declared and quality - aesthetics of Site).

For each Site, except from the site's title a description will also be given, as the description is giver by it's creator, or a short phrase from Evonymos, if a description does not exist.

The material that will be collected and classified, will be then dispatched, at regular time intervals, to the rest basic partners (after one first interval at which a first sufficient volume of material will be collected, the briefing/renewal will be made 1-2 times a month. The basic partners of the "Communication Scheme" will dispatch the above material in whichever institution in their country is interested in ecological briefing and especially on environmental education (Ecological Organizations, Universities, responsible persons on environmental education and schools that promote relative programs, companies dealing with environmental technology, organisms and services, associations, municipalities, etc.

Provision has been made for:

  • The publication of relative informative form in English and native languages of participants.
  • The production of a Cd-Rom, with the basic information and the relative material that will result from the research, for those of the interested parties that do not have access in the Internet. 3.000 cd-roms will be produced and distributed (1.000 per country) with introductive texts in the native languages of the basic partners.
  • The realization of meetings for briefing - presentation in the cities - of the basic partners aiming at the distribution of relative information.

The participating Non Profit Organizations will also record in the
Site material of national interest



Participants of the program



Contact the participants

"Evonymos Ecological Library" e-mail:
tel: 0030 1 3231557
fax: 0030 1 3231557
(Association Naftilos)
tel: 004-01-687.24.75
fax: 004-01-687.24.75
"Mesogejos SOS"
tel: 0090 232 422 5240
0090 232 362 5772
fax: 0090 232 422 5240
0090 232 336 3331

"The National Center
of Social Inquiriesal"

tel: 0030 1 7489131-5
0030 1 7780118
fax: 0030 1 7488435